.45 XML LR Target

Our .45 Caliber Extreme Smokeless Muzzleloaders by: Bayou Advanced Weapon Systems LLC.

We build on the Remington Short or Long Action, Savage 10, 110, 112-116.

Custom Actions such as Deviant Hunter or Tactical builds are also built to exacting accuracy, power, performance exceeding 3,300 fps with 325 Grain Pittman Aeromax Bullets.

We have been building Extreme Smokeless Muzzleloaders (XMLs) and Smokeless Muzzleloaders (SMLs) since 1996.

Our builds come in .308, 338, .375, 416, .458 and .500 to .503 bore. Extreme is just the beginning.

From ultralite 6.75 lbs. up 17 lbs target we can build to your specifications and needs like no other builder…

Accurate? Well enough words, how about results…

300 yard Target with our .45 XML, 3 shots, 325 grain bullet at 3,320 fps

200 Yard Target, 3 shots bughole group at 3,150 fps 325 grain Pittman Bullets

We build your dream rifle here…

Look us up @ http://www.bayouadvancedweaponsystems.com

Call us direct: 731-607-6527

Company Phone: 833-AIM-FIRE OR 833-246-3473

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