Our Extreme Muzzleloaders

We can build on any action of your choice or choose from our blueprinted REM 700 SA/LA already prepared or any custom action of your choice.  We also build on the Ruger Model 77, or the Savage Short Actions as well as they make for outstanding extreme performance smokeless muzzleloaders. 

REM 700 Short Action Extreme 458 Muzzleloader

REM 700 Short Action Extreme 458 Muzzleloader – Custom 3-Piece Ramrod

“Switch barrel” technology, torqued to 105 lbs., set against a pined stainless recoil lug, at .202″ to a 26″ Sendero Contour Hart .500 caliber bore barrel and headspaced at .6465″ to case head and bottom of enclosed breech plug – tight tolerance .6470″ NO-GO.

CBJ Precision Engineered REM 700 Series Short Action Extreme Smokeless Powder Muzzleloaders.  Production ready and built in .45 Caliber “Sabot-less” and .50 caliber (.458 caliber) optimized for MMP Sabots.

There are no ugly under-barrel ramrods on our extreme performance muzzleloaders ensuring extreme performance every time!

Call us direct at 731.607.6527 and let us build your Extreme Performance Muzzleloader to your exacting specifications.

We build to your requirements for long range hunting or just LR shooting enjoyment with a true “one-shot” and “one-kill” performance rifle built on proven production or custom actions…  

This is NOT your Grandpa’s Muzzleloader*..

Let’s get to building yours today!

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