CBJ Precision Custom Ammunition

We are not of the “body-shop” mentality when we load our ammunition. We refuse to load ammunition for every caliber. Why?

Because providing all calibers of ammunition detracts from our focus to the customer. We have partnerships that can supply general ammunition needs for shooting, plinking or general hunting.

Our Ammunition is simply the best. There is none better on this Planet for our rifles…. When you want the best for your custom rifle you come to us.

Our specialized ammunition is for our customers and clients ONLY. We do custom load development for our customers, clients, their family and friends only… it is how we maintain quality of performance and it is how we elect to do business.

If you own a custom rifle we can help you roll your own by sharing all our load data and exterior ballistics or we will load for you at your request and work up that special load that will be designed to do as you expect it to perform.

We use only Norma, Nosler and Bell Brass in our custom ammunition… if you desire other types of brass in your custom loading all you have to do is ask.

Nosler, Norma, and Bell Brass have been proven performers for our clients and you do not change what works, you evolve to what is better.


We provide highly detailed load data… All of it! Case trim, Case OAL, Powder charge and type, Lot #, Primer, Case type, case data, neck, bullet run out, bullet S.D. and B.C. specifications, lot-matched bullet weighting for superior accuracy and performance down range for sniper-quality results on your intended quarry… we will put you “on target and on the mark”…

Our load data and exterior ballistics are professional, sniper-grade… click the link above for examples of our Load Data sheet and Exterior Ballistics Examples (actual customer)

Change is good, but evolution into what makes the best better is what we are all about in our ammunition and weaponry…. Case in point… Remember the Barnes MRX Bullets? Tungsten-Core?

We have hundreds of thousands of these discontinued projectiles for our most special and demanding of clients… You remember these MRX Bullets and their potential!


MRX Barnes Projectiles

On impact, the MRX expands into four tough, copper petals, doubling the bullet’s original diameter. Creates maximum shock and tissue damage. These bullets are highly effective at short or extreme long range. Multiple rings cut into the base increase accuracy and reduce fouling. MRX features the Silvex Core surrounded by an all-copper body. The dense, tungsten-based core makes MRX an extreme deep penetrating projectile.

Call me direct at 731-607-6527 or 334-544-0596 to discuss your ammunition requirements and needs.