Our Master Weapon Systems Designer… CBJ

The man behind the vision… infusion of Old-School Craftsmanship with New-School Materials… 

With over 50 years of experience our Master Gunsmith and Weapon Systems Designer, Mr. Corey B. James (CBJ) and team have a cumulative 136 years plus of experience, so we are able to build the very best weapon systems available anywhere on Planet Earth.

We have demonstrated our quality, design, engineer-to-order, and performance abilities since 1996 and we remain unchallenged to date.

CBJ began at the tender age of 5 with his interest in sporterizing military surplus weapons and hand reloading ammunition with his Father setting his destiny in motion.

Now in his early 50’s, CBJ is driven to build his pure passion into every build… coupled with his many years of hunting and shooting experiences CBJ continues to provide customers extreme “value-engineered” weapon systems and benefit with his hands on approach and experience where it really counts in quality, accuracy and performance.

Additionally, CBJ is a retired Veteran from the United States Air Force, 1985-1991 and values our Armed Forces Customers.


People call Corey, CBJ.  He would be delighted that you also just call him “CBJ” as he treats customers as family.   He always loves to have direct communications via email or texts at his company cell # 731.607.6527… Please call him, you will not be disappointed with the experience.   He is not a salesperson, he is a dedicated hunter and shooter and master weapons engineer/builder that loves to talk guns and hunting…  You will not regret a chat with CBJ.

A pioneer in many wildcat designs, custom one-up rifles built upon the Mauser M94, M96, M98 and Springfield Military Actions.

CBJ progressively grew into the customization of Weatherby, Remington, Winchester, Browning, Savage Arms and Thompson Center Arms weapon systems into a highly refined company able to design-build meticulous, extremely accurate and advanced weapon systems with no equal.  He always exceeds customer expectations at every turn and desires customer input.

Many of these customizations evolved into extreme performance Signature-Series CBJ custom offerings.  We build with our own custom actions, barrels, optics mounting systems, triggers, Carbon Fiber bedded and Aluminum/Carbon Pillar bedded stocks to completely control the level of quality and performance expectations demanded by CBJ.

These extreme weapon systems, factory modified, component upgrades or one-up custom weaponry has evoloved over the years into what is now the benchmark in ultimate in Long Range Hunting, Long Range Tactical Response, and Professional Sniper-grade weaponry designed and produced by CBJ Precision Engineered Rifles, Inc., CBJ Precision LLC, and Bayou Advanced Weaponry, LLC.

There will be no compromise builds in any level to include our custom weapons systems builds.  If you can dream it we can build it better!   Your dream,  our engineering.

Contact CBJ Direct @ 731-607-6527 or 318-370-1669

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