About the company and the man behind it

Who We Are

With over 50 years of experience with our Master Gunsmith and Weaponry Designer, Mr. Corey B. James and a cumulative 138+ years with the rest of our team we are here to build the very best weaponry available anywhere on Planet Earth.   We have proven this since 1996 and remain unchallenged in quality and performance.

A pioneer in wildcat designs, custom one-up rifles built upon the Mauser M93, M96, M98 and Springfield Military Actions eventually grew into the customization of Weatherby, Remington, Winchester, Browning, Savage Arms and Thompson Center Arms weaponry.  Many of these customizations evolved into extreme custom offerings with our own custom actions, barrels, optics mounting systems, triggers and Carbon Fiber bedded and Aluminum/Carbon Pillar bedded stocks to completely control the level of quality and performance expectations demanded by CBJ.

These fine weapons factory modified and upgraded or one-up customs over the years have grown now into the ultimate in Long Range Hunting, and Long Range Tactical Response and sniper-grade weaponry made produced by CBJ Precision Engineered Rifles, Inc. (CBJPERI) with no compromise builds in any level of our offerings in the customs we build just for you.

CBJ began at a very early age with his interest in weaponry at the age of 5.  Now in his early 50’s, he is driven to build his pure passion into every build… from his many years of hunting and shooting experiences he gives to the customer extreme “value-added” benefits from his many years of experience at the range and in the field where it really counts, not just on specification sheets and paper targets.  CBJ is a retired Veteran from the United States Air Force, 1985-1991.

People call Corey, CBJ.  He would be delighted that you also just call him “CBJ” vs. Corey, James, or Jim. 😉  He always loves to get direct calls or texts at his company cell # 731.607.6527… call him, you will not be disappointed with the experience.   He is not a salesperson, he is a dedicated hunter and shooter and engineer that loves to talk guns and hunting… 🙂

We welcome you to know all the rest of us once we begin talking and conversing via phone, text, on the web, Facebook, Twitter or other social media.  

We prefer the connection face-to-face or over the phone and hope also you join us in many of the hunting ventures we have available through our U.S. Partners for Elk, Bear, Cougar, Sheep and Hog Hunts.

We welcome you into our home, business and our life.  We welcome you to a whole new level of performance, expectations and experiences with our company and our dedicated people to build the dream rifle you deserve to have.