7.62x54r – For a custom build? Are you serious?

Do not ever underestimate the power of this round.    This is considered as powerful as the 30-06 and even moderately loaded equal to the American .308 Winchester easily matching the ballistics of the 7.62 NATO/.308 Win.

Introduced in 1891, 7.62x54r ammo is the oldest cartridge still serving in military use in the world. Originally made for Mosin Nagants and other bolt-action rifles, it remains in service in Russia in the Dragunov sniper rifle and PKM machine…

The 7.62x54r is a fantastic rifle round. Developed in Russia in 1891, the 7.62x54r is sometimes referred to as the Russian 30-06 due to its similar performance and its old history.

Still used in multiple countries today, especially as a sniper, hunting, and range round, the 7.62x54r is just the proven round you want to shoot and hunt with.   This caliber is capable of taking on most North American Game and makes an excellent Whitetail and Hog caliber.

We actually chamber the REM 700 Actions in this caliber as well as our Custom Thompson Center Encore Rifle and Pistol Barrels.   Again, do not underestimate this very odd looking rimmed cartridge, the performance is what matters most and it is a most capable cartridge especially in the hands of the hand loader. 

Chambering in .308 caliber gives the designation of 7.62x53r differentiating it from the .311 bore or larger military 7.62x54r variants.   7.62x53r in .308 bore and in our custom builds easily exceed performance of the .308 Win.  We build sniper-grade 6.5mmx54r calibers as well in bolt and automatic weaponry that is highly capable and sub-MOA performers in bolt or auto.

Not a handloader?  …not a problem… Hornady, Winchester and many other factory rounds are now available due to the popularity of this round in the low-cost Military Surplus Mosin Nagant Rifle.

Still not sold on the performance?   Look here, and do your own ballistics comparisons to your favorite non-Magnum .308 calibers or even the .270 and .284 favorites you shoot.  Look at these ballistics of the 7.62x54r >> Ballistics 101 

Remington 700 vs. Savage 10/110: Comparisons for Design-Build Considerations

This is a good read to understand why we build on both of these fine actions.    

When building on these actions we completely blueprint these fine actions and add many upgrades such as Timney Calvin Elite Triggers, David-Tubb Engineering Bolt Technologies, Pacific Tool and Die Bolt Bodies.  Custom strikers and perform Cryogenics Metals Treatment on these actions to -300 degrees making these some of the finest actions in the industry for our custom builds.

Of course we can build on any action of your choices but these Remington and Savage Actions with our upgrades and technologies make formidable choices for any custom build.

Read and make up your own mind: