Trends in Custom Rifles — No Middle Ground

Price points on hunting rifles and long range hunting, shooting and sniper-grade weapons run the gambit, from dirt cheap, sky high to what the !!!! Yes, that high. Our average build is about $6,500 but we build and custom engineer many fine weapons in the $2,900 to $3,800 range that compete with many customs three times their costs.

Customers that hunt in big-game country have wanted one or the other over the past few years since our inception and start-up.

When this company was launched it was done so out of pure passion for extreme distance shooing long before it was a trend, long before it was “cool” and long before Tactical Response Weapons became largely popular with the general public for both long range sniper-based hunting cross-canyon or bean field hunting exceeding 800 yards.

This was a huge business in centerfire hunting rifles, but has seen little demand for mid- to high priced weapons due to this business being typically extreme quality, low volume but high margins translating to the ultimate in quality, customer care and customer attention to detail making the weapon they desire a “true” custom.

Since 2001 we have build many customs on various production actions and many custom actions like Stiller, Deviant and many other fine custom actions at the request of the customer.

There have really only been three types of firearms that customers have been snapping up, quality used rifles, entry-level center fires and top-end rifles by custom manufacturers.

The used rifles and the entry-level models ring up in the $320 to $350 range. The new rifles – such as Savage AXIS, Remington 770s and Mossberg 4X4s – in many cases come outfitted with a scope at that price point are still at the lower-end of fine weaponry but still quality and will get the average job done for what they were intended. Those are great rifles in their own right as quality “entry” rifles but not customs capable of sub-MOA performance and extreme distance shooting or hunting.

The “hot rod” rifles, built by custom shops such as Burlington, Wyoming’s Gunwerks are a whole different animal and we compete head-to-head with those companies and know we build the better rifle due in part to our combined 134+ years of experiences. These specially tuned firearms ring up in the $4,000 to $6,000 range, as well and companies like Boswell and others like the pioneer of long range hunting, Kenny Jarrett and his bean field rifles at the upper $5,800 range and higher in many cases are no exception, performers…

We never competed on price, we always have competed on quality and that was how our company was formed by staying the course to this level of high-quality and high performance despite the low-volume or demand. It took thick skin to stay in this game with the competition of the day.

Outside of the top and bottom ends, are DYI builds by individuals that take older Mosin Nagants, Mausers or even older Remington Model 700’s in Short Action or Long Action and individuals then simply call a barrel maker and have a barrel made up and have a competent gunsmith thread up, thread for a muzzle brake, headspace and maybe even finish such as flute the barrel or Cerakote the barrel and action. Typically then the DYI will go to Google and do a search for a “Custom Remington Stock” and choose a variety of stocks ranging from $40 to $1,200+ and “roll their own”

The problem with this is that you start out with a budget build only to put money toward the wrong things in the build and compromise on the important areas like barrel, trigger and optics and miss the entire point of building-in accuracy… it all starts with the barrel and ends with the optics and trigger set, get those wrong or choose wrong and you have a budget-build that cost a lot of money and does not shoot any better than a $400 Walmart package gun.

This is a good thing and we do not discourage this skill for this is how we started. It is also a great way to learn about your rifle from the ground up and typically you will end up with the better weapon over stock but still it is not a “Custom engineered rifle” — Engineering comes from the knowledge and experience of choosing the following and this is where the men are separated from the boys as these considerations below are what is required for the extreme hunter and shooter for extreme long distance and experience in this field is not a nice to have it is a necessity:

  • Barrel contour relative to type of hunting or shooting
  • Barrel length (length does typically not equate to accuracy but does for down range performance and reduced bullet drop, vital to a Long Range build. — experience per caliber choice dictates not only the length of the barrel but the twist rate matched to the bullet weight and length of the OGIVE of the intended bullet to be used
  • Barrel Twist Rate is critical to match to not only the weight of the bullet but they type of bullet and hunting distances to be shot
  • Stock and Barrel balance – free-float or pressure-to-the-tip — what do you choose, why and how and why that is so vital in a custom build
  • Action, Bolt barrel and action true, bolt alignment and lock-time improvements
  • Stock weight, style, Length of Pull (LOP), Comb height, forearm contour
  • Stocks – wood, composite, laminate – what is better for your type of shooting or hunting
  • Stocks – tactical hybrid, modular chassis, traditional or thumbhole stock – why?
  • Cryogenics barrel and action stress relief and why this is necessary for accuracy
  • Fire-lapping and Diamond lapping and target, tactical or hunting crowning
  • Scope base and ring sets (matched sets, lapping, set to receiver and mated properly)
  • Scope selection (matched to the hunting environment, distance and areas to be hunted)
  • Scope turret and tactical drop and calculations – bullet weight, bullet style, temperature and elevation to be shot – Matched calculations engineered-to-order turrets and why this is so vital and important for extreme distance shooting.
  • Anti-Cant, drop degrees, MOA – Scope match to shooting style and angle calculations
  • Triggers – what brand, weight, sear engagement do you polish, or grind, set sear, set weight or set stages
  • Load Development – we do this for all our customers – this is an extensive process whereby we design, develop per requested bullet brand, type, powder charge and type of animal or shooting they may perform. This is an exacting effort that is individualized per weapon and gives maximum levels of performance to the customer exceeding extreme expectations of the most demanding of clients

We rarely move anything in the middle class of weaponry. It is either the extreme low-end where we elect to not sell but have partnership companies to move these fine customers to a great solution fulfilling their needs of both quality but budget and also still in forging strong relationships vital to our continued support to the industry and to our customers.

What we can do for most all customers is consult to making the best choices in scope base and ring sets, scope selection and in choosing some light “Accurizing” such as tune their existing trigger, bolt, barrel and action true or simply cryogenics metals treatment and assist in finding the correct load to use whether or not it is factory or handloaded ammunition.

Meanwhile, custom sales of custom Tactical Response Bolt Actions, Hybrids and a rifle capable of being tactical, light yet hunter grade is now all the rage… (sniper grade bolt action weapons), over the AR Platforms have out paced AR-based weapons 10-to 1. This was such a strong demand that we created a new division.

This new Division is CBJ Precision Engineered Rifles, Inc. –

Pictured above is the CBJ Precision Elite Hunter in 300 RUM

This rifle above built by CBJ Precision Engineered Rifles, Inc. is a custom .300 Remington Ultra Mag built off of a custom blueprinted REM700 Long Action (LA), custom bolt mods using David Tubb products, our custom titanium extractor set, custom bolt modifications ranging from mild to wild to extreme barrels such as Hart or Proof Research Carbon Fiber barrels.

In addition we engineer a “NEW” M-40 Class of 40X REM 700 Short Action (SA) Tactical weaponry that is the most accurate .308 Winchster we produce, pictured above, and also we chamber in many wildcat calibers from 6.5mm to .338 caliber and larger bore.

This is what separates us from the “rest” of the Custom builders out there! We truly are “Engineer-to-Order”, “Purpose-built” and we give “Custom” a whole new meaning as we put the relationship first as was our company moto way back in 1996, and that will never change it is at the core of who we are and why we exist for our clients, customers and customer-friends. We “Aim” to please is no PUN with us… we take our relationships and level of accuracy to a whole new level of expectation in the build and in your expectations in us as your trusted builders.

Now on to the extreme LR or LR Tactical Response Weaponry (TRW) is our Chassis-platform we build from 6.5mm caliber to .600 caliber (and beyond). We are the only custom makers to build on the 57 caliber ATR round making in effect a .50 caliber x 14.5mm American/Russian weapon that has no equal.

Add to that our convergence of combining our legendary builds in our pioneered 30-338 and 338 Lapua to our 30-378 to 50-460 class weaponry and you have a Tactical Response Weapon that has absolutely no equal on Planet Earth at a price that is affordable when you compare our pricing to that of many other makers of extreme tactical builds of this caliber and purpose-built type weaponry. We simply have no equal or challenger in the .308 to 338 caliber range that can out perform our weaponry.

We even dominate in the Extreme Long Range 500+ year Muzzleloader Smokeless rifles built off of the Remington and Savage Actions that have no competition for the level of quality and price-point we offer to our customers.

Drop by and pay our websites a visit… You will be glad you did!

Thank you,

Corey James – Master Gunsmith and Weaponry Designer

731-607-6527 or 334-544-0596

334-544-0596 – Direct contact in Alabama


Precision Services by: CBJ Precision LLC


We offer full line Gunsmithing including our exclusive Cryogenic (-300 degree) Metals Treatment and Accurizing Processes that inlcude full Action Blueprinting, (bolt, barrel and action true, hand lap locking lugs, hand hone trigger and bolt).  We offer re-barreling and re-chambering services on your action or we can provide any factory or custom action you desire for your build.

Custom Stocks and Tactical Performance Chassis with drop box magazines in all of our High Performance Adaptive REM 700 Bolt Action builds (short or long action) are available.

Bolt Action Blueprinting: – we provide the very best in the industry – we do it right, right the first time and every time! 


You know that a factory rifle is a great value.  It is simply a tool and piece of equipment that offers “out-of-the box” performance and general accuracy that works for the average hunter.

But you would not be here at this site looking if you are “AVERAGE”…The ultimate long range rifle requires the personal touches that only a dedicated custom shop can provide with years of experience, not just off-the-shelf “bolt-ons”.   Many rifles have undiscovered potential for accuracy (even production rifles), and this is where we add value in our proprietary and proven Accurizing Processes.   Our accurization services can uncover your rifles true optimal performance and at an affordable price.

Our blueprinted REM 700 Receivers exceed most other types of custom actions and exceed our 10 point performance and quality inspections for a customer supplied action or new action … we demand the best or we do not build it. 

Just how affordable?   About $375 for most standard production rifles to no more than $475 including full load development after our processes have been performed on your rifle.

Receiver installed in accurizing fixture.  The mandrel will be dialed in to perfect “zero” with 0.0001″ dial indicators placed just ahead of receiver face and also at extended tip of mandrel.  This ensures that the receiver is zeroed perfectly before any machining steps are performed.Receiver installed in accurizing fixture.  The mandrel will be dialed in to perfect “zero” with 0.0001″ dial indicators placed just ahead of receiver face and also at extended tip of mandrel.  This ensures that the receiver is zeroed perfectly before any machining steps are performed.

Since 1996 we have offered services of deep chemical and electrical cleaning of weapons and proper scope hand lapping and calibration at long ranges on a customer’s rifle ensuring optimal down range performances.    We see several hundred rifles a year or more from all makes and models.   On average we get the most “AVERAGE” rifle to shoot subMOA with a minimal of expense and typically a 3-8 day turn around.

There are three things that make a rifle perform:

  • Barrel
  • Optics (optics mounting system / base, bases and ring sets) & Tuned Optics Turrets
  • Trigger / Trigger Set

The most important ingredient of any precision rifle is a GREAT barrel not “just a good barrel”, and in a custom build this is the one component to not save money on.   Our typical barrels are North of $1,200 complete and worth every penny.

We start the services with a complete and thorough inspection of the barrel, throat and bore, and perform a firing and test group we call the “BENCHMARKING”.   This establishes the baseline of performance expectations and potential for improvement.

If the benchmark results are encouraging and favorable we will address the bolt locking lugs, hand lap them to perfection, then address the barrel to stock bedding system, look at the trigger, scope base or bases, mounts and the barrel channel.   Extreme measures may be required to fix the barrel crown or re-chamber the barrel to fix the most common factory chambering problems we see due to poor quality tooling.

Scope quality and scope mounting problems are very common but typically easy to repair.

We have extreme and precise testing methodologies to validate base/bases and ring mounting relative to the type and brand of scope you have or choose.   We test for several Point of Impact (POI) shifts including axial and off axis impacts and parallax and erector tube lens shift problems.

Tracking and scope click adjustments and accuracy is also performed to our demanding standards of performance for excellence.  If you need a better scope or different selection we will help you understand the “why”… before the expense.   We see optics as the “shooting system” that must be matched to the bullet weight and bullet type for any given distance or quarry you plan to hunt…  we are experts in this area.  Our optics have custom tuned turrets that are matched not only to the hand loads and your choice of projectiles but also matched to the “known” temperatures and altitudes you will be hunting… this is the true difference in extreme accuracy with our shooting systems vs. any other custom builder

SEE ALL OUR SERVICE HERE >>  CBJ Precision LLC Gunsmithing 

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CBJ Precision LLC & Bayou Advanced Weaponry, LLC


What We Do

We “Engineer-to-Order” and Build Purpose-built weaponry made for extreme Long Distance Hunting and shooting… This is our primary purpose and reason for the creation of this new Division of CBJ Precision Engineered Rifles, Inc.

Our engineering research and development teams are focused entirely on custom “one-up” builds you just cannot find at any other custom shop… PERIOD!

We build extreme performance rifles using Weatherby, Winchester, Remington, Savage, Savage Target and many other fine custom actions like SURGEON, STILLER and DEVIANT Tactical and Hunter.

Our barrels are predominately HART but we build with PacNor, Brux, Douglas, Proof Research and Shilen Barrels and many other fine precision barrels at the customers request.

We build rifles with flat out deadly performance and extreme performance over anyone else on this Planet and have been undisputed in our claims since 1996.  We redefine a new level of performance as each and every build is range validated in excess of 1,100 yards.