Bayou Advanced Weapon Systems, LLC.


What We Do

We “Engineer-to-Order” and Build Purpose-built weaponry made for extreme Long Distance Hunting and shooting… This is our primary purpose and reason for the creation of this new Division of CBJ Precision Engineered Rifles, Inc.

Our engineering research and development teams are focused entirely on custom “one-up” builds you just cannot find at any other custom shop… PERIOD!

We build extreme performance rifles using Weatherby, Winchester, Remington, Savage, Savage Target and many other fine custom actions like SURGEON, STILLER and DEVIANT Tactical and Hunter.

Our barrels are predominately HART but we build with PacNor, Brux, Douglas, Proof Research and Shilen Barrels and many other fine precision barrels at the customers request.

We build rifles with flat out deadly performance and extreme performance over anyone else on this Planet and have been undisputed in our claims since 1996.  We redefine a new level of performance as each and every build is range validated in excess of 1,100 yards.